Senbesta is a leading wholesale distributor of roller shade fabrics. With over twelve years experience supporting the window covering market, we hand select high-quality, designer shade fabrics suitable for homes, multi-unit housing, business offices, hotels, hospitals, academic institutions and retail stores. Senbesta maintains vast stock in our Southern California warehouse to ensure fast and reliable distribution. Senbesta simplifies your fabric inventory by supplying what you need with cut yardage options available.

Ultratab Equipment

Senbesta offers a complete line of equipment for makers of roller shades. Senbesta and Ultratab work as an integrated team to bring our customers a very detailed and personalized service. Ultratab products are competitively priced and available in a wide selection to fit every manufacturer’s needs and unique budget.  By working directly with the factory we are able to offer complete customization, allowing us to provide the right set of tools for the highest ROI.


Senbesta supplies durable, long-lasting bead chain, chain-stoppers, and chain-connectors in the most popular ball and pitch sizes. Available in sleek silver stainless steel or nickel-plated metal, and neutral colored plastics to coordinate with any shade fabric. Manually operated roller shades are a cost effective, staple in every fabricator’s product offerings.